California Dreamin' & StoryofRedemption

The last month has been a busy one for the Story of Redemption and 'Reaching the Next Generation for Christ," with two trips to California for filming, networking, and sharing about this work and ministry with churches. 

The first trip to California was during the Pepperdine Lectures. I was sick for part of this trip, but still was able to get quite a bit done. We filmed the opening lesson and trailer for the Story of Redemption along one of the beaches there (see the trailer above), which included hiring a couple of actors to play Adam and Eve. 

Here are some of the Eve temptation shots. This snake is going to win an Academy Award! (By the way, in case you were wondering how this was filmed, the actress is wearing a tube shirt.)

On this trip, I also went and gave part of my "Reaching the Next Generation for Christ" series at two churches, preaching and teaching a class on the Story of Redemption and how it fits into reaching the next generation. The first church I spoke at was the North County Church of Christ, where Kevin Withem is the Senior Minister (he was great and very gracious for this) and where our tour guide for the filming in Israel, Tim Brinley, is an elder. 

The second church that I went and gave these presentations at was the Hilltop Community Church of Christ in Escondido, California, where Jon Reed is the Senior Minister (and Scott Lambert served as an elder). Jon is a great evangelist and quite a contagious fellow. He and the staff there (including Monica Moreland, a former missionary to the Ukraine and their small groups minister) are planning on using the Story of Redemption, and I will be doing some coaching and training with them in the fall and in 2017.

There is MUCH MORE that developed from this trip and the California trip that came soon after this, but that will be for another update. Thank you so much for all of your support in so many different ways to this ministry. God is at work!

-- James

Do you have any connections to indidividuals or churches in California that might be interested in this ministry? If so, please let me know!

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