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God's Wrath is Being Poured Out - On Those Who Pass Judgment on the World? - Read Romans 1 AND 2

What would happen if all of the longtime Christians, church leaders, elders, etc., in a church left, leaving the church made up of new converts, younger generations (Millennials, Gen Xers), and seekers? 

New converts, younger generations, and seekers often have…


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The Three Column Bible Study Method for Small Groups - No Teacher Required!

Many times churches and/or church planters find themselves short on small group leaders that can lead/teach a small group Bible study, or that what they are teaching is not being applied and lived out.

For those facing these challenges, here is a Bible study method that you might…


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GET YOUR GOSPEL BLIMP NOW! - A Satirical Look at Impersonal Evangelism

In this day of impersonal communication, the story of "The Gospel Blimp"--a satirical look at a church that substitutes using a blimp and mass media for relational evangelism--might be good for us…


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Ten Little Christians - A Call Back to Mission

Ten Little Christians - A Call Back to Mission

Satan wants us to get distracted from our mission of reaching out to the world, with petty squables, fractions, selfishness, and apathy. This little poem, Ten Little Christians,…


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Love God, Love Your Neighbor - Christian Missionary Carl Wilkens Shares How This Love Both Failed & Saved in the Rwanda Genocide

Love God, and love your neighbor as yourself. No long list of rules. No pages upon pages to memorize, prayers to recite or tasks to complete. Love God, love your neighbor--it is so…


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Spotify Changed Its Logo Color--and the Internet is Freaking Out!

Spotify changed its logo color from one shade of green to another--and the Internet is freaking out. People hate the new green (bottom, lighter green color), someone sent out a negative tweet, and the complaint went…


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Early Christianity - Christians' Sexual Ethic, not Laws, Set Christians Apart

In his article, One Trait that Set Apart the Earliest Christians, Michael J. Kruger points out that the sexual ethic of the early Christians was something…


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"And God Said If . . . " - A Poem on Why God Allows Suffering & Trials

Why does God allow us to go through trials and suffering? Here is a poem called, "And God Said If . . ." that helps explain this. It is anonymous.

If you never felt pain, Then how would you know that I’m a Healer?

If you never went through…


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Missionary died thinking that he was a failure - but he was not!

Dr. William Leslie went as a missionary in 1912 to a remote part of the Congo. There he shared Christ for 17 years, but felt as though he had little impact. He had a dispute with tribal leaders, and they asked him to leave and to not come back. He left a…


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Fasting in a SuperSize Me World

Fasting--what is that? And why should we do anything so seemingly ridiculous? What does going without food have to do with one's spiritual life? Why is it considered to be a spiritual discipline? And how do we preach on this subject in today's…


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Christ-Followers Show Up at Grocery Store and Pay for People's Groceries--Watch as They Experience God's Grace!

OUTREACH/VIDEO IDEA - CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO! - Check out people's incredible reactions when someone shows up and freely pays for their groceries. When we show people grace, we point people towards God's ultimate gracious gift--Jesus Christ! I wonder if this would not be a better…


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How Hitler's Radio Transmitter, Intended for Nazi Propaganda, Is Being Used to Transmit the Gospel to Millions

During World War II, Adolf Hitler ordered the building of a 100,000 Watt radiotransmitter in Monte Carlo, Monaco, that he planned on using to broadcast venomous Nazi propaganda throughout the world. 

It was never…


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More Muslims Have Converted to Christianity in Last 14 Years than All of 14 Centuries of Islamic History!

Sometimes as Christians, we can get down and defeated. It seems that everywhere, Satan is winning. Fear. Terrorism. ISIS.

But what we see on the news is not the full story. 

Note the following quote from a …


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My Study tonight (FriendSpeak)

Tonight I had two amazing studies that I know were led by the Holy Spirit working through me and our Friendspeak program.

First I studied with a young mother from Iran.  We were on our 13th week of Friendspeak in the book of Luke.  Friendspeak is a program that allows us to teach…


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How do we live under (American) Empire and its changing laws and morals? - Lessons from Daniel

As Christians in America, we have long benefited from being under “Christendom”—the protection of and goodwill towards Christianity by the State and society at…


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Why Would a Family from Texas Come to Washington, D.C. to Help People Learn English? - Let's Start Talking/FriendSpeak Mission Trip

Excited to have Hector and Meliss Hinojosa, along with their sons Joshua and Caleb, here for two weeks at the Fairfax Church of Christ on a FriendSpeak mission trip. Hector is on the missions committee at The Hills in Fort Worth, Texas. They wanted to go on a personal, family mission trip through FriendSpeak/ Let's Start Talking--and chose to come here to the Washington, D.C. area! FriendSpeak/Let's Start Talking is an outreach ministry that helps…


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A Labor of Love - Ulfilas, Missionary, Spent 30 Years CREATING the Gothic Alphabet and Translating the Bible for the Gothic People

Before Jesus went to the cross, John's gospel tells us that Jesus washed his disciples' feet. While his disciples initially objected to this, Jesus did this to teach them about service. He said, "14 Now that I, your Lord and…


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10 Ideas for Getting to Know and Love Your Neighbors and Neighborhood!

Jesus calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves. And yet, most Christians do not know their neighbors--including their actual neighbors in their neighborhood--very well at all. There are many reasons for this, including the changed structural nature of neighborhoods, the inventions…


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Have We Lost Our Collection Minds on Sexuality in America?? - Get Wisdom, Share Christ! - Lessons from Proverbs

In reading and studying the book of Proverbs this week, I was reminded how God created the world in his Wisdom to work a certain way, and that it is foolish to go against this created order.

One of the topics covered in Proverbs is sexuality. I could not help think that on this…


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