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Let's Start Talking was Missional Before Missional was Cool - Thank you, Mark and Sherrylee Woodward!

With the announcement that Mark and Sherrylee Woodward are stepping down from the executive director role at Let's Start Talking, I wanted to republish this article I wrote a few years back about how LST was a pioneering, missional ministry before we even had missional language. I also wanted to say thank you…


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Don't Be Afraid To Try New Things

Beginning something new is not always easy. Changing something old is not easy either! For one year I worked on revision for the Relationship Conference. God's word does not change, but the world was changing. 

Illustrations were old, and required updating, and additions were required. It was wonderful to travel to Africa and meet new friends in relationships. We partnered well together.

Everything we teach and lead is about 3 relationships. Our relationship with Christ, with…


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Our three year old, Kaylee, said, "I made God sad." - The Kingdom of God and Children

Our three year old daughter Kaylee said something not nice this morning and my wife, Becki, corrected her. Then Kaylee…


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Cheating with a Fantasy? - Almost None of the "Women" in the Hacked Ashley Madison Site May Have Ever Been Real

Wow. One data analyst indicates that the VAST majority of women accounts on the cheating website Ashley Madison were fake. Only about 12,000 accounts out of millions could be positively identified as being actual accounts, though likely that is a low number.

It appears that most men were…


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Trash Your Marriage in Eight Easy Steps - Part 1: Be Selfish & Pick at Each Other

Below are the first two points in the article "Trash Your Marriage in Eight Easy Steps."

The divorce rate is at an all-time high, and marriages are falling apart everywhere…


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God's Wrath is Being Poured Out - On Those Who Pass Judgment on the World? - Read Romans 1 AND 2

What would happen if all of the longtime Christians, church leaders, elders, etc., in a church left, leaving the church made up of new converts, younger generations (Millennials, Gen Xers), and seekers? 

New converts, younger generations, and seekers often have…


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The Three Column Bible Study Method for Small Groups - No Teacher Required!

Many times churches and/or church planters find themselves short on small group leaders that can lead/teach a small group Bible study, or that what they are teaching is not being applied and lived out.

For those facing these challenges, here is a Bible study method that you might…


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GET YOUR GOSPEL BLIMP NOW! - A Satirical Look at Impersonal Evangelism

In this day of impersonal communication, the story of "The Gospel Blimp"--a satirical look at a church that substitutes using a blimp and mass media for relational evangelism--might be good for us…


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Ten Little Christians - A Call Back to Mission

Ten Little Christians - A Call Back to Mission

Satan wants us to get distracted from our mission of reaching out to the world, with petty squables, fractions, selfishness, and apathy. This little poem, Ten Little Christians,…


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Love God, Love Your Neighbor - Christian Missionary Carl Wilkens Shares How This Love Both Failed & Saved in the Rwanda Genocide

Love God, and love your neighbor as yourself. No long list of rules. No pages upon pages to memorize, prayers to recite or tasks to complete. Love God, love your neighbor--it is so…


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Spotify Changed Its Logo Color--and the Internet is Freaking Out!

Spotify changed its logo color from one shade of green to another--and the Internet is freaking out. People hate the new green (bottom, lighter green color), someone sent out a negative tweet, and the complaint went…


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Early Christianity - Christians' Sexual Ethic, not Laws, Set Christians Apart

In his article, One Trait that Set Apart the Earliest Christians, Michael J. Kruger points out that the sexual ethic of the early Christians was something…


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"And God Said If . . . " - A Poem on Why God Allows Suffering & Trials

Why does God allow us to go through trials and suffering? Here is a poem called, "And God Said If . . ." that helps explain this. It is anonymous.

If you never felt pain, Then how would you know that I’m a Healer?

If you never went through…


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Missionary died thinking that he was a failure - but he was not!

Dr. William Leslie went as a missionary in 1912 to a remote part of the Congo. There he shared Christ for 17 years, but felt as though he had little impact. He had a dispute with tribal leaders, and they asked him to leave and to not come back. He left a…


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Fasting in a SuperSize Me World

Fasting--what is that? And why should we do anything so seemingly ridiculous? What does going without food have to do with one's spiritual life? Why is it considered to be a spiritual discipline? And how do we preach on this subject in today's…


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Christ-Followers Show Up at Grocery Store and Pay for People's Groceries--Watch as They Experience God's Grace!

OUTREACH/VIDEO IDEA - CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO! - Check out people's incredible reactions when someone shows up and freely pays for their groceries. When we show people grace, we point people towards God's ultimate gracious gift--Jesus Christ! I wonder if this would not be a better…


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How Hitler's Radio Transmitter, Intended for Nazi Propaganda, Is Being Used to Transmit the Gospel to Millions

During World War II, Adolf Hitler ordered the building of a 100,000 Watt radiotransmitter in Monte Carlo, Monaco, that he planned on using to broadcast venomous Nazi propaganda throughout the world. 

It was never…


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More Muslims Have Converted to Christianity in Last 14 Years than All of 14 Centuries of Islamic History!

Sometimes as Christians, we can get down and defeated. It seems that everywhere, Satan is winning. Fear. Terrorism. ISIS.

But what we see on the news is not the full story. 

Note the following quote from a …


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My Study tonight (FriendSpeak)

Tonight I had two amazing studies that I know were led by the Holy Spirit working through me and our Friendspeak program.

First I studied with a young mother from Iran.  We were on our 13th week of Friendspeak in the book of Luke.  Friendspeak is a program that allows us to teach…


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