Here are two videos illustrating how to present Choung's True Story. In the Story of Redemption, I take this summary and adapt it, making baptism more clear. This summary is found on the back of the last part of the Story of Redemption, lesson 8.

I have not usually been a big fan of a lot of shorthand gospel presentations, as they tend to assume a lot of biblical knowledge, truncate the gospel, focus exclusively on sin as moral transgression and God as being an angry judge, and a lot of other issues. Having said that, God can and does use even less than perfect methods.

So I was excited to find James Choung's book, The Story, which has a shorthand presentation of the gospel which very much fits with the Story of Redemption. Choung's True Story shares in common with the Story of Redemption the following things:
  • It goes all the way back to creation and emphasizes the original goodness of creation.
  • It speaks of sin as damaging relationships and lives, rather than mere moral transgression.
  • Correspondingly, the atonement that is offered through Christ emphasizes restoration of relationships with God and others.
  • It ends with a call to mission.

What do you think of Choung's shorthand presentation of the gospel as it is illustrated here?

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James, I have used Choung's presentation several times, especially to provide the whole "Big Picture" of the biblical narrative. I like it and like you have adapted it for my own. The only thing I don't like about it is that the move from Circle 2 to Circle 3 covers (inadequately) a huge portion of the narrative. However, I find that too many details are not good for people who know nothing of the Bible. If I'm able to go deeper, I supplement this period with McLaren's Word doc, "How to Study the Bible" (Google it) or John Mark Hick's outline of the redemptive story ( I like the changes you have made.

Now, I need to find more opportunities to share this!

BTW, I will call you so we can talk about The Story of Redemption and other things. Maybe this next week?
Hi Allen. Thank you for your thoughts here. You have well summarized some of the strengths and challenges in this (or any presentation). As to the jump between 2 and 3, it is indeed large. Yet, in the Story of Redemption, I move from Abraham to Jesus. There is some justification for this, as Jesus is the descendant of Abraham, which is how the New Testament begins. And Paul says that the Law was added afterwards. He saw Abraham and Jesus as being direct links.

There are, of course, rich metaphors and teaching throughout Israel's history. But I have found that this is not necessary to go through in order to lead a person to initial faith in Jesus Christ. The gospel narratives recapitulate Israel's history through Jesus' life, and metaphors like the Passover lamb can be explained in their New Testament context.

I'll check out John Mark Hicks' article--I'm sure that it is good.

Sure, give me a call this week about the Story of Redemption and anything else that I can help with. Thanks!

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