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New Video from! - The above video is available for viewing and use for THREE WEEKS for viewing!

This video is of the post-resurrection appearance that Jesus makes to Peter and the disciples in John 21 at the Sea of Galilee. This video goes through Jesus reinstatement of Peter after he denies he know him three times, and contains a message about how to deal with failure. Our standing with God is not based upon our performance!

This video was filmed in Israel as part of the development of the video version of the Story of Redemption! This is the first video put together from this filming. We got up before dawn and went out on a period style boat in the early morning to watch and film the sunrise out on the Sea of Galilee. We also got some dramatic drone and slider shots there, which are incorporated in this video.

I will leave this video up for three weeks for feedback and use. I really am looking for feedback, as I really want these videos to be used. If you would like to be helpful, please share this on your page and share with others. If you would like to support this work and ministry, message me or email me at Thank you!

Below are the blog posts leading up to the Story of Redemption filming in Israel.

The Story of Redemption

Looking for an evangelistic Bible study or correspondence series that connects with postmodern culture? Look no further! The Story of Redemption tells the overall story of salvation and God’s plan for humanity. The Story of Redemption is specifically written for those who are seeking God, and it assumes no prior Bible knowledge or church background. This study is used in one on one settings, as well as in "seeker small group" settings.  

  • Part 1 - Creation (Is This the World God Intended?)
  • Part 2 - The God of Grace (Who Is this God I’m Supposed to Serve?)
  • Part 3 - Faith and the Promise to Abraham (What Does It Mean to Trust God?)
  • Part 4 - Jesus’ Birth, Life and Ministry (What if God Were One of Us?)
  • Part 5 - The Radical Life of Discipleship (What Kind of Life Does God Want Me to Live?)
  • Part 6 - Jesus’ Arrest and Trial (Why Did Jesus Die?)
  • Part 7 - Jesus’ Death (The Price Is Paid)
  • Part 8 - Resurrection (Taking Hold of the New Life
Most evangelistic studies are out of date and out of touch, both in content (they assume knowledge of the Bible and the basic gospel story) and in form (unattractive, texts only, or pictures from the 1950s!).  The world today is dramatically changed, and a new evangelistic study is needed for today.
This study is new.  Different.  Better.  And incredibly effective in bringing lost people to faith in Christ.  Why?  Because the Story of Redemption is God’s story, and it is powerful!


Download FREE .pdfs of
The Story of Redemption!

Click here to download free .pdfs of The Story of Redemption. Also, right click on this link Story of Redemption Answer and click "save as" to download the FREE answer key for all eight of the Story of Redemption lessons.  Click on How to Use This Study for tips on how to best use The Story of Redemption!

Watch Story of Redemption Videos!

The Story of Redemption is being made into a video series as well! The above video is part of that series. Click here to see the rest of the videos, which are currently available for FREE DOWNLOAD! To sign-up for notification for when the series is complete and the videos can be ordered on DVD, email James Nored at

Order The Story of Redemption!

Click here to order The Story of Redemption.

Story of Redemption Conversion Videos!
Click here to watch powerful videos of different people who have come to faith in Jesus Christ by going through the Story of Redemption.

Some of these people went through the study one on one, and others in a "seeker small group"--a group of Christians and non-Christians/seekers who intentionally come together to explore faith and go through The Story of Redemption.


Intro/"People on the Street" Videos!

Here are also some "People on the Street" Interviews which illustrate what different people think about various spiritual topics. These videos can go along with different parts of the Story of Redemption.



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