Strengths and Spiritual Gifts Assessment

How to Give a Strengths and Spiritual Gifts Assessment
  1. Ask a potential “recruit” to take the Strengths Finder and Spiritual Gifts Inventory. Once they take these, set up a session with them.(Note - The code for taking the Strengths Finder can only be obtained by purchasing the book, Now, Discover Your Strengths. Once the code is obtained from the book, then it enables one person to take the inventory.)
  2. Explain the Strengths Finder theory.- The Strengths Finder was designed by the Gallup Organization and was tested on over 2 million people- The Strengths Finder a high internal consistency, which means that if a person were to retake the test soon afterwards, most of the results would probably stay the same. What might change is the order of the Strengths, or a number five strength might switch with a number six.- Strengths are primarily your raw “talent” plus a little bit of experience-

    When a person is born, he or she has billions of synapses; however, by agree three, most of the synapses have disappeared. This sounds like we are getting dumb, but actually this happens so that the remaining synapses work lightning fast. These “fast track” neural pathways are the raw talent for a person’s Strengths. When we are working within our Strengths, it feels natural and easy. In fact, it feels so easy that either we take our Strengths for granted and assume everyone can do what we can do; or, we are very hard on others who do not have our Strengths. These Strengths are part of the unique ways that God has made us, and our goal is to work within our Strengths as much as possible in the various areas of our lives.
  3. Go through the person’s Strengths Finder results.- Read the definition of the first Strength- Read through the “Action Items” for the first Strength. Ask the person being assessed to comment where something stands out or where they have an experience to share that is triggered by the action item.- Repeat this for the other four Strengths
  4. Explain what Spiritual Gifts Are. - To understand Spiritual gifts, download for free the “Service through Spiritual Gifts” lesson in the New Community” series.
  5. Go through the person’s Spiritual Gifts results.- Read the definition of the first Spiritual gift- Read through the “characteristics” of the first Spiritual gift. Again, ask the person being assessed to comment where something stands out or where they have an experience to share that is triggered by the characteristics.- Repeat this for the remaining Spiritual gifts that were in the person’s top eight Spiritual gifts- Have the person begin to rank their Spiritual gifts, beginning with the one that they feel strongest about. Keep the top five Spiritual gifts.
  6. Explain how Strengths and Spiritual Gifts Work Together. - For this interaction, please see the lesson “Service through Spiritual Gifts” in the New Community” series.
  7. Help the person apply their Strengths and Spiritual gifts to the various aspects of their lives. - This application includes a person’s work/workplace/word, his or her family, and his or her church/ministry setting.
    - Ask them this question: Where do you feel that God is calling you to use this gift in your 1) work/workplace/world; 2) family; 3) at church / with Christians. 
    - Ask them what their next step is for using their gifts in this way

    - Ask them when they will do this
    Follow-up a few weeks after the assessment and see where they are to offer help, encouragement, and resources. If it is a larger ministry that they come up with for the application, see who else they need on their "team" to make this ministry run well.

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