Launching Missional Communities This "field guide" by Mike Breen and Alex Absalom is endorsed by people like Alan Hirsch. "Missional Communities (a community of 20-50 people on mission together) have been at the forefront of a revitalization that has been happening in many churches in England and throughout Europe for the past 15 years . . . Written by two of the leading experts on MCs, this book will give you the practical, flexible steps you will need to see discipleship and mission breathed into your church through Missional Communities."

Missional Small Groups by M. Scott Boren. "Small groups are a great place to connect with other churchgoers, but many wonder, is this all there is? Is sitting in a living room, talking about a book or watching a video the extent of what we can do together? Isn't being a Christian community about something more than this? Pastor and author Scott Boren thinks so. In this latest release from missional thinktank Allelon, Boren gives leaders and members of small groups the tools they need to make an impact on their communities. Beginning with a gentle critique of current small group models, Boren goes on to show how a uniquely Christian paradigm can set groups free to transform their communities. The final section of the book offers over twenty practices that groups can do to become more missional. Ultimately Missional Small Groups is about helping groups follow Jesus by equipping them to bring his message and healing to a hurting world."Missional Small Groups.

The Tangible Kingdom Primer is a work for small groups that combines spiritual formation and missional living. In it, small groups learn how to live missionally, rather than making missional a program. Here is an article on the Tangible Kingdom Primer.

Planting Churches that Reproduce

You  can order Ed Stetzer's talks on Missional Small Group Communities here.


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22 Days to Israel! - Stunning Aerial Shots of the Jesus Trail, the 40 Mile Path from Nazareth to Capernaum

22 DAYS UNTIL STORY OF REDEMPTION IS FILMED IN ISRAEL!  - One of the places that I am excited about going to and filming is the "Jesus Trail," which is the 40 mile trail that Jesus would have walked many, many times from his home town of Nazareth to Capernaum, where he began his ministry.We will film this as part of Story of Redemption Lesson 5, which is on discipleship and the Sermon on the Mount. Discipleship is all about following after Jesus, and so this trail makes for a powerful metaphor…See More
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Lantern Vision's Phantom on The Jesus Trail, Israel from Lantern Vision on Vimeo.

Lantern Vision's Phantom on The Jesus Trail, Israel

We hiked the Jesus Trail with e3 Partners to produce a couple promotional films. In sorting through all our Phantom aerial shots, we realized we had way more than what would make the finished films, and we would hate for such footage to go to waste…
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