Dynamic Marriage is an eight week class designed to help strengthen, enrich, and renew marriages. The class is led by trained facillitators, with a minimum of 6 couples and a recommended maximum of 12 couples. The curriculum is based around William Harley's book, His Needs, Her Needs, which is combined with Scripture, prayer, and positive group dynamics.


My wife and I went through this just as a couple, and while challenging, it provided a good way to work on "love busters" in our marriage and better meet one another's needs. In August of 2010, we went through the Dynamic Marriage Facilitator training. This training was very well done and provided inisght into the research, pscyhology, and spiritual underpinnings for Dynamic Marriage.



Dynamic Marriage is an excellent outreach which, I believe, fits the missional criteria. Why is it missional? Because it provides a great service to families in the community, helping to build up and heal marriages.


Here is why this is such a great outreach:

  • It meets a felt need in the community. Virtually everyone could grow in his or her marriage.
  • It is relational, not event-oriented. Most events give you a hour to a few minutes to make a connection with someone. Dynamic Marriage allows you to build relationships over 8 weeks with the unchurched that come. And due to the intimate sharing that occurs, these are strong bonds that are formed.
  • It is transformative. Dynamic Marriage participants and facilitators are sworn to secrecy as to how the participants share. But I can tell you that the sharing is transformative, with prepatory homework, accountability, and group dynamics that encourage positive change--all essential elements to spiritual formation. People want to continue to be a part of transformative experiences.

We sent out a direct mail piece (see picture above) for Dynamic Marriage to our community (15,000 pieces). Currently, 10 from the community have registered (8 from the mailer, 2 from church visitors). I am definitely excited about this great opportunity to connect with these couples from the community.


So, my question to you is, is sending direct mail out inviting people to meet a true need--like building up one's marriage--missional or not?

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Awesome class!! Keith and I were in this class years ago and we gained so much from it!!
Thank you for sharing your experience, Genny! Where did you guys take the class?
Absolutely missional!

I believe that the stronger marriages are, the stronger families are and the stronger the church family is.

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