Missional Thought of the Day - Use Sex to Reach Out?

Okay--did that title get your attention? I thought so. Sex usually does.

Yes, there is too much sexual promiscuity in society today. But unfortunately, the world thinks that Christians hate sex and have nothing to offer on the subject. Movies always portray the "hot sex" as sex outside of marriage. Of course, the reality is that surveys show that married couples consistently have both more sex and better fulfilling sex than those who are not married.

I just read an article Themed Web sites create buzz, drive attendance swell for two churches. It details how two churches used provocative billboard and website campaigns around the theme of sex, resulting in numerous contacts and increases in attendance.

Whatever you think of this, one thing is for sure: sex is made by God, it is good, and God knows how to instruct us on the best sex possible--and he wants us to have this kind of sex. Just read Song of Solomon! (I'd quote it here, but I don't want to get in trouble! :) We need to let the world know that we have something positive to say on this subject--which, I'm told, people are kind of interested in.

There is much heartache in the world today because people have not learned what God has told us about sex. Let's help the world have the best, most passionate, most fulfilling sex that they can have, as God intended.

What do you think of the appropriate use of sex in billboard and website advertising? What other biblical themes could get people's attention and be used to direct them towards God?

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