Missional Thought of the Day - God is Up to Something with Technology

If you understand missional theology, you know that the Spirit of God has already been sent out into the world ahead of us. Therefore, God is at work in our culture in big and profound ways.

This has to mean that God is at work in technology. Yes, technology can be used for evil. But it can be used for great good, and that is certainly how God will (and is) using it.

Consider the dot com collapse. All of those billions of dollars that went into technology stocks allowed thousands of miles of underground cable be laid across the ocean, connecting us with places like India at virtually no cost. Could God be using this to draw us closer with people around the world?

And what about Google? I was fascinated a few months ago when I read that rather than trying to translate other languages from a dictionary, so to speak, Google is analyzing mountains of data to find predictable patterns of translations. And the sheer volume of data and examples shows that Google is likely to soon become the best translator on the planet. Could God use this instant translation to break down barriers from language with people around the world?

Google is also working on artificial intelligence and smart cars that drive themselves. Where is this going? I don't know, but God is undoubtedly going to do something big here.

What about Facebook? How is God going to use our newly connected planet? Will it be to spread the Christian message and unite people around Christ?

What about the Iphone? How will God use this new "appendage" that most people now carry around with them?
What ever God has in store, it will surely be exciting!

What technological trends do you see happening, and how do you see God at work in this?

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Comment by James Nored on October 12, 2010 at 12:57am
Jayaraj, you have been a blessing to me as well. With technology, the world is now a small place, and God is bringing people together around the world.

You continue to be in our prayers. Thank you for your prayers as well.
Comment by Jayaraj.E on October 12, 2010 at 12:47am
Dear Brother ,
yes it is correct . God is working through Technology which is taking Gods love to every part of world . I am learning Bible more from this technology and taking some prints to use in my school and in my work .
Even though, we are from different places and separated from miles , Gos has blessed us to meet one-another through this power of technology .
As for me, before i joining this Missional Outeach Network, i felt I was alone , after, joining this great website, i got more friends and brothers and sisters throught world to pray for my work to share the love of God .
Thanks to Bro. James nored for this excellent website " Missional Outreach Network " and his encouragement and prayers for my work in India
I thanks to every member of MON for your support of prayers . I hope MON will do many miracles in future .
Jayaraj, India

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