Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ,

here I would like to share the work report of 2012.....

       I want to share all the interesting occurrences that happened the past year; the good times, the bad times, the frustrating times . there were times we went through seasons of grief and there were also times we experienced seasons of joy.

  I am sorry to share that I got a severe stomach pain which is caused from intestinal problem. now i am taking medication for this problem . thank God for His love and care towards my life . He never forsaken me even in midst of knotty problems.

  1. Team work of youth and preachers – we reached many people with Gospel and totally 13 souls were added into Christ .
  2. India School of Evangelism– God blessed us to continue this School weekly twice. Many are interested and giving their valuable time to learn the Bible to grow in their spiritual life and to reach their own community. in this year, 2012, ten students were of  3rd batch is completed successfully.
  3. Open Bible School– we are extended our work of opening Open Bible Schools at
    some of my places. God has helped us to start Open Schools at 5 places now it is 15 totally. they are running regularly weekly once .
  4. Blessed by MON – I am so happy that we are blessed to learn more  by articles of  Missional Outreach Network . I also got many friends and learning more here .thanks to Bro. James Nored again  for this excellent network and his hard and tireless work to His kingdom up..
  5. “Story of redemption” – I am glad to tell you that Telugu Translation work of “Story of Redemption” books is completed .I am always grateful to Bro. James Nored for His love for giving this opportunity to me .I hope they will be completed of printing books this year . I am glad and eagerly waiting for Telugu books and believe they will be very useful to us and will effective our work in this year.

 Please continue to pray for my work and programs 

   1.India School of Evangelism 

   2. Free Computer Education.

   3. Open Bible School & Outreach Program

   4.  Social work for poor and needy

   we wish You A Happy New Year-2013 ..

    Your Humbler Brother ,

  Jayaraj.E, India

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Jayaraj, I am so glad to hear about your work. Thank you for updating us. And I am very excited about you finishing the translation of the Story of Redemption into Telugu! I can't wait to create these .pdfs and get these printed.

I will be praying for you, that God may bless you with good health and bless you financially. 

Thank you Brother . I am blessed and grateful to you for this good opportunity. thank you for English parts which you sent to me  . they are very helpful in my work last year  . hoping and praying  Telugu books will be more effective in my ministry in India.


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