Matt Brunk, my good friend from Liberty, MO, suggested that we introduce ourselves, since this site is drawing together people from various backgrounds and parts of the country. This will help us to know one another better.

You may introduce yourself here, or, perhaps even better, put down this information on your "My Page." On your "My Page," where it says "Text Box," click on "Add Text." Make the title of the text box "About Me" or something like this and write about yourself..

I would suggest telling us:
- Name,
- Vocation
- Any family information you would like to share
- What missional or spiritual topics you are interested in, experienced in, or are working in
- Any websites you would like to link to that would help us know you better (to link, type a site name, and then click on the paper clip looking link (next to the bold, italics, etc.) and then paste the site's "URL" (web address)
- Anything else you would like to share!

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Hello everyone.
This is the profile of T&J. Our names are Josue Maldonado and Tania Valoy. Are purpose is to reach out to those
people in the world that do not know Jesus christ. Our ultimate goal is to share the gospel to others so that the kingdom
of God grows!
We hope that everyone here is blessed by the songs of worship!!
God bless you!!

-by Josue Maldonado and Tania Valoy

Hi... My name is Ken Beres.  I am a Pastor, serving a congregational church in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  Am happily married, and we are the proud parents of a 13-year-old future missionary.  I am also a third-generation Preacher's kid.  My congregation is eagerly exploring the concept of "going missional" in our day-to-day ministry (our church just celebrated its 315th Birthday last year) and I am looking for resources which will help coach out leadership team into the missional paradigm of ministry.

HI Kenneth! It is great to have you aboard! Thank you so much for sharing this about yourself and your ministry. We hope that we can be of help to you in your missional journey. If you browse around the site, you can find all kinds of blog posts, videos, and resources. 

Two things that you might look at right away are:

1. The Story of Redemption - This is an eight week evangelistic Bible study designed to lead unchurched people to Christ. It starts in Genesis and assumes no Bible knowledge. It is updated in design and primarily narrative in form. You can download the .pdfs of this study for free.

2. Your Spiritual Gifts - This website, a spin-off of this site, provides a comprehensive Spiritual gifts survey. The free version gives a person his or her top 5 spiritual gifts. A more extensive pay version can be purchased which has all kinds of application of these gifts in all areas of his or her life--including the workplace/neighborhood/world (where so much missional ministry happens), family, and the church.

Finally, feel free to post questions or blog posts on the site. I and others will seek to answer these questions and be of help as best as we can. So glad that you joined!

Bishop William Duck

Presiding Bishop/Lead Exorcist

Abbey of the King's Table

Married to my best friend and ministry partner, Angela Duck. My wife serves as our Mage and provides valuable knowledge in the healing/health ministry through herbology ( natural remedies )

Deliverance and demonology are my interest and my mission, not only practicing but teaching, training the next generation warrior.

I am a member of the Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel~Order of Exorcist

I've been in the ministry for 10 years, wqould not trade a day of it for anything. I am a former truck driver, heavy equipment operator, and soldier. People being assaulted by demonic spirits have my heart strings. Having a desire to see the power of God manifested in such an extreme manner, releasing people from bondage and defeat. Listening to them praise the name of God after such difficult situations, that's what drives me. Knowing that Jesus made it all possible for us to share in that moment by bringing us into fellowship with the Father. Ther's alittle more about me at

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